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English Reading Class

The importance of reading has diminished in the digital age that we are living in. MOTC Reading classes are specially designed for students who have not developed reading habits. We have developed and selected a wide range of English materials and use flexible and diverse teaching methods to stimulate students' enthusiasm for English reading.


Vocabulary and Grammar Classes

In the study of English, vocabulary is the foundation of learning English and grammar is the foundation of any language. It is the customary usage rule in human language use. The side effects of poor grammar on English learning are hidden and comprehensive. It may not be as obvious as listening and reading but it will restrict the overall improvement of listening, speaking, reading and writing.



English Writing Classes

In English listening, speaking and writing, writing is recognised as the most difficult one. It involves the ability to express language and logical thinking and the improvement of both skills requires years of practice. From the perspective of language learning, writing is of great significance for the advancement of language ability and improves students' logical thinking ability.



English Speech Classes

Speech and eloquence play a very important role in the growth and development of young people. Learning to speak and improving eloquence are both the needs of today’s society and the needs of young people’s growth. Learning to speak and eloquence can help students break through themselves, quickly improve their self-confidence, change their introverted personality, eliminate the nervousness of fright when speaking, enhance effective communication, show their personality, develop their potential and finally build extraordinary self-confidence.


Conversational English Classes

Learn how to have an English conversation and gain confidence speaking English with this course. Having conversations is a really important part of life. Especially if you are in a new country or learning a new language, conversation is the best way to improve your day-to-day routine. This course guides you through the basics of conversational English, teaching you what to say when you meet people for the first time and vocabulary for making new friends. This will give you great confidence the next time you want to say hello in English.


About Us

Melbourne Online Teaching Company began with an Australian teacher who recognised that computer and online technology was a highly essential tool that could be used to enhance learning abilities especially during our current global circumstances

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